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Artisan, Organic Compost & All-Natural Mulch

Grow a healthier garden with organic compost and all-natural mulch from Fessenden Dairy, LLC in King Ferry, New York. We ship our quality compost and mulch to truly environmentally conscious gardeners and landscapers all across America. Our product is free of weed seeds.

Tender Loving Compost | $8 per 2-Cubic-Foot Bag Plus Delivery

Our Tender Loving Compost is certified for organic use, and is made right here on our farm. It is possibly the best compost available for adding nutrients to your soil, helping your vegetable and flower gardens have the correct pH and balance. This compost is weed free as well, and is excellent for anyone who wants to have a healthy garden. It corrects clay or sandy soil and offers a whole world of great benefits, including:

Garden - All-Natural Mulch
• Corrects the Soil's Carbon-to-Nitrogen Ratio
• Helps Prevent Certain Diseases in Plants
• Helps Retain Soil Moisture
• Increases the Vigor of Ornamental Plants
• Increases Vegetable Yields
• Keeps Weeds down
• Loosens Hard Packed Soil
• Provides Visual Appeal around Plants


Tender Loving Compost is certified for organic use. There are no harmful chemicals or additives in it, and we offer it by the bag or in bulk. Our customers love Tender Loving Compost because vegetables grow bigger and healthier, and flowers bloom hardier and longer in their gardens. 

Bark Mulch Blend | $37 per Yard Plus Delivery

We also offer compost blended with bark mulch, which is perfect for top-dressing on your flower bed. This product is ideal for landscapers, gardeners, and anyone who wants an attractive garden. Our Bark Mulch Blend helps feed your garden, keeps the weeds to a minimum, and makes your garden look absolutely beautiful. We can blend your mulch to your specifications, too, so that it looks great and keeps your soil moist. Our Bark Mulch Blend is sold in bulk only.

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