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About Our Natural Compost

Custom Blending of Compost

Most gardeners have mulched their garden at some point, and many have accidentally injured their soil's vitality by using mulch that is high in carbons. Mulches like wood chips or straw rob the soil of nitrogen as they decay, and mulching with organic compost or a compost blend is the safest way. A compost mulch blend will:

• Prevent Evaporation of Moisture from the Soil
• Help to Maintain Soil Temperature
• Create a Healthier Soil Environment, Thereby Helping to Reduce the Likelihood of Disease
• Help Control Weeds
• Enhance the Look of Your Garden
• Add Organic Matter to Your Garden as well as Enhancing Your Soil with the Nutrients & Microbial Life That It Needs to Support Healthy
• We Can Blend Our Compost with Bark Mulch, to Provide You with a Nutrient Rich, Picture-Perfect Top Dressing

How Tender Loving Compost Is Made

It all starts with the cows and their manure. Our cow manure is collected from the cow barns and moved to our on-site, indoor composting facility, where the manure is pumped through a series of two separation units, which remove the solids. The solids are conveyed to a slotted floor, forming piles where blowers force air into the piles of solids. By forcing air through the piles, we incorporate oxygen into them, which helps to create a thermophilic process and keeps the piles from becoming anaerobic.

We monitor the temperatures closely to make sure that the temperatures reach between 132 degrees and 150 degrees F for at least 21 days. At these temperatures, all weed seeds and harmful pathogens are killed and some of the moisture is removed, and after four-to-six weeks, the compost piles are moved outside into windrows that are turned weekly to help the curing process.

After three-to-four more months, the compost has become mature. The moisture, odor, and harmful weeds seeds have all been reduced, and the manure solids are ready to be used in the form of compost.

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